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“I have been a student of Kay’s for many years and have benefited greatly from her extensive education in weight training, nutrition, and Pilates. Her Pilates instruction in particular, with it’s emphasis on correct technique to strengthen core muscles and improve posture, flexibility, and balance, has been of enormous benefit to me. Through her I became aware that I have a slight scoliosis, and Pilates has helped me ‘correct’ the problem by balancing the muscles in my back, strengthening some while lengthening others. She focuses entirely on me (and her other students) during a session and simply will not allow improper movement that would lessen the effect of an exercise, or worse, cause injury. I feel safe in her hands! I would recommend Kay and Pilates without reservation.”

~ Linda Ponder

“I am sixty one years old. Both my mother and my father’s mother suffered from complications due to severe Osteoporosis. All my adult life, I have exercised and in particular walked (ranging from 30 minutes to an hour daily). Even with the walking and some weight training, since menopause, I have progressively lost bone. In conjunction with my physician, I tried Actonel, Evesta and Fosamax. I experienced bad side effects from all of these drugs.

“I started going to Kay Smith’s Studio approximately a year and a half ago. In December, 2004, in addition to Pilates once a week, Kay added the Power Plate to my workout. I have been on the Power Plate twice a week for the past nine and a half months. Last week I had my annual bone scan. According to my ‘T’ scores, I remained the same in my femoral neck and increased the density in my lumbar section by 1.5%. This is remarkable! The Radiographer’s comment to me was ‘whatever you’re doing keep it up!’ As an additional bonus, I had a frozen shoulder two years ago. When it resurfaced recently, Kay implemented some specific positions on the Power Plate. My shoulder is great now. The Power Plate helps me keep my shoulder mobile and will continue to be part of my regiment to help ward off future weaknesses in this area. Following a fall as a teenager I have experienced chronic back pain most of my adult life. Kay has worked with my specific back pain. A couple of controlled positions on the PowerPlate target this area and have been a great source of pain management. The Power Plate is safe (no side effects). In my opinion it’s a great way to build bone!”

~ Joanne

“I have taken Pilates classes with Kay twice a week for over 3 years. It’s changed my body and my life. I can manage my arthritis without medication, and my body looks toned. Clothes shopping is a lot more fun!”

These success stories are genuine and given verbatim except for possible editing for grammar, spelling, and length.”


~ Amy P.

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