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Pilates Classes

Private Pilates Session

$ 80

Package of 8 Private Sessions

$ 599

Semi-Private Pilates Session

$ 55

8 Semi-Private Sessions (Pkg.)

$ 397

Pilates Equipment Class

$ 35

Package of 8 Equipment Classes

$ 239

Pilates Mat Class

$ 28

Pilates Mat Classes (Pkg. of 8)

$ 180

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Eliminate the Guesswork! Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy or slow down the aging process, eating right for your metabolic type is the key. Schedule a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching appointment today to find out about your metabolic type.

Initial Consultation

$ 150
  • *Conducted in person or on the phone

Follow Up Sessions (Per Half Hour)

$ 50
  • *Conducted in person or on the phone

Energy Dressing

A 2-day intensive training guaranteed to change your life! Energy Dressing services are highly personalized and very exciting!

Group Classes

$ 797

For more information and additional customizable services, please visit

Power Plate Sessions *

* Two to three 15-20 minute sessons per week are recommended for osteoporosis treatment or prevention.

Initial consultation and planning sessions run about 40 minutes.

Initial Consultation

$ 65

Package of 10 Sessions

$ 400