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The classic piece of Pilates equipment. Used for a complete and total body workout and stretching. Experience the precision and superior performance of our STOTT PILATES® Professional Reformers.



Ladder barrel, arc barrels, and step barrels. Ideal for lengthening the spine and correcting an excessive forward curve in the upper spine. Excellent for developing core strength at any level.

Stability Chair


Transfers posture awareness to a seated position. Gives an intense workout for legs, abdominal and upper body. Also great for stretching.



The trapeze table. Used for developing a deeper level of awareness as well as strengthening and stretching exercises.

Pilates Mat For Athletes

Power Plate


The Power Plate started life as a NASA device, used for astronauts who lose bone density while on space missions. More recently, the fitness industry has taken notice of it for its anti-aging benefits.

Unlike virtually any other fitness product, the Power Plate provides nonimpact exercise that increases muscle tone, flexibility, and bone density. In the D/FW area, only Pilates for Life Studio and the Dallas Mavericks use this high tech form of exercise.